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Raw Indian Hair

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**Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

For realistic density we recommend 2 bundles. (For lengths over 24” we recommend 3 bundles.) For a fuller look, or precaution, an extra bundle can be used. The excess weft can be used for another install or as extra hair for half-up half-down styles.  

*Please wash and condition with moisturizing products before installing. We also recommend air drying.

*For best results, trim ends and lightly use a hair serum before styling. Pressing the hair out offers a better visual of ends that need trimming. 

New to raw hair? See why it is popular with celebrities!

Raw hair is not like other popular virgin hair. This hair has not gone under any chemical processing, which allows for optimal customization. Unlike other virgin hair, it is not ready to wear out of the package. However, once you prep the hair, it will perform unlike any other, in a realistic way! It will also last much longer than other “virgin” hair.

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