What is Raw Indian Hair?

What is Raw Indian Hair?

Raw Indian Hair is hair that has been collected from temples in India and went through minimal to no processing. This means that the hair is free of dyes and chemicals. Often times this means that the hair color and textures will vary slightly between bundles. 

Things to not be alarmed by if you are new to raw hair: it will not have much of a luster, there will be split ends, and you will probably not be able to run your fingers through it upon arrival. Do not let that deter you. Once you have washed and conditioned it with moisturizing products (and gave it a trim) you won’t be able to stop touching it. Best of all, the natural luster that it has will make even you wonder if it is yours. You will immediately understand how REAL this hair is, looks, and feels. The top quality is why it is a go-to for celebrities. Raw hair can also be color treated and heat styled. However, it is an investment...one that can last you 2 or more years, depending on how you take care of it. Therefore, we recommend that all chemical processing be done by a professional in order to protect your investment.

1.Why is the hair dull?

Raw hair has very little luster just like most of our natural hair. Other “virgin” hair typically has gone through a process or application of silicon in order to give it a high luster. This allows for the hair to be silky. However, it also allows for hair of lesser quality to look really great at first. This is why some of those silky gorgeous bundles will start to tangle and frizz after a while. The processing to mask the hair’s true quality wears off and then you are left with the bad quality. Once raw hair has been conditioned properly, it will give a very realistic luster.

2. Why are there split ends?

This is REAL hair. No fillers. Since this is hair that has been cut from a human, it will have split ends. Split ends are a good way to tell how “virgin” or raw hair is actually. After a trim to style the hair, you will be ready to slay. *Pro tip: Down the line (6+ months of regular wear), you may see that your hair doesn’t move as well as when it was new or that it may tangle a little. Depending on how much heat you use on your hair, your ends just need to be trimmed…just like your natural hair. Since this is normal for maintaining your raw hair investment for years to come, we recommend that you curb the urge to go crazy with the cutting the first time that you install. Unlike your hair, once you cut this hair, it is gone. So with each trim that you need to give it, the hair gets a tad shorter. Of course, this is less of a worry if you are the one swinging 28” around these streets. If you want to cut down the frequency of trims, we recommend only air drying your hair and actively maintaining you heat styles i.e. wrapping your hair at night, which you should be doing anyway.